Sun, Jul

Around 120 militants killed so far in ongoing month in Nangarahr: Officials


Around 120 militants have been killed in various parts of eastern Nangarhar province so far during the ongoing month, local security officials said.

ANAThe provincial police commandment’s security chief Syed Aqa Gul Rohani told reporters that the militants were killed during the special military operations, airstrikes, and direct clashes with the Afghan security forces.
Rohani further added that nearly 30 militants were also wounded and around 73 others were arrested during the same operations.
He said the Afghan forces also seized 22 weapons, 6, 959 various types of ammunition, 41 Improvised Explosive Device, and 31 hand grenades and pressure-plated mines.
According to Rohani, 4 new outposts have been established in Surkh Rod and Momand Dara districts in a bid to improve the security situation of the two districts.
He also added that the Afghan security forces confiscated 868 kg of Hashish and 495 kg of heroin which were bound for the smuggling.
The security chief of Nangarhar said 87 criminal incidents were also reported in Jalalabad city and other parts of the province and at least 82 suspects have been arrested in connection to the incidents.