Sat, Oct

Interview with Provincial Governor of Nangarhar Mohamamd Gulab Mangal


Da Azadi Ghagh: how ANDSF are going to continue conducting operations and never let terrorists take home in our country?


2 NGR Provincial Governor Gulab Mangal

Governor Mangal: Huge military operations conducted recently in different parts of Nangarhar notably in Kot, Batikot, Achin, Deh Bala and Pachir Agam districts where several Daesh affiliates, their weapon caches and leading figures were demolished by ANDSF. In addition, most of the prisons where they were imprisoning our innocent locals were destroyed and hundreds of our people released from the prisons. I can say that the fighting strength of the group became weaker as a result of these operations. Still the military operations of ANDSF are ongoing in order to suppress the remaining militants and prevent enemies from harming our respected people. The National Defense and Security Forces are committed to continue efforts until there is presence of enemies of peaceful Afghanistan posing threats to the lives of our respected people and create problems for the government. The main goal is to ensure security for our people.

Da Azadi Ghagh: how important it is to protect innocents by reporting suspicious people and activities as soon as possible?

Governor Mangal: the operations are conducted for public safety and provision of peaceful environment for the honorable people of Afghanistan. Security and safety is first need for living. when there is not security, life will be problematic and no one will be safe so it is responsibility of every individual to take their part in ensuring security and help the security forces to make free their area from evil people who don’t want Afghans live in peace. When there is security everyone can live in peace and programs of government in different sectors will be implemented effectively for prosperity of the countrymen. Those groups and individuals make disturbances and pose threat to countrymen’s lives should be demolished. I believe the people know how important their cooperation is in ensuring security. They can help their security forces by informing them about the locations of militants and suspicious activities. The people of Nangarhar are very cooperative with their security forces and their government. I appreciate them for standing side by side with their security forces and government in ensuring security and suppressing the militant groups. Success is in unity and we together work to achieve the goals.

Da Azadi Ghagh: how dangerous it is to get in the way of operations and how it’s very important to follow the instructions of Security Personnel?

Governor Mangal: During Military operations, people should be aware of and should listen to their security forces instructions. By following security forces instructions, the operations will be conducted smoothly and without casualties to the civilians. Prevention of civilian casualties is the high priority for the security forces. Fortunately, by improvement of professionalism or the ANDSF, civilian casualties have been prevented to maximum level. I have always recommended the security organs to be careful for lives of locals as careful as possible. Militants have always used our locals as shields. They keep the civilians as the homes and use the homes as ambushes to fight against security forces. However, security forces make their effort to a great extent to avoid responding at the situation when there is danger to the civilian lives. People should also stay away from the locations where there are presence militants. They should leave those locations and go to other areas in order to be safe during military operations. It is our experience; Daesh militants don’t let civilians to leave the areas in order to use them as human shields. At this occasion, we are taking all measures and make great care to the civilian lives. By contacting security forces, people can also play their role in safety of civilians’ lives during operations. In addition, People should cooperate to have clear ways for military vehicles and avoid making obstacles in front of the military vehicles in order to reach the destination on time and save lives.

Da Azadi Ghagh: how once security issues are satisfied Nangarhar can expand economic activities and investment to build prosperity?

Governor Mangal: Once security improved in an area, implementing development projects based on the needs of the people is the second phase of government programs for development economic situation in an area. The needs differ and the needs are identified through consultation with the locals. For example, there is need for road construction in Dor Baba district. By construction of the road, most problems of people will be solved and the economic development will occur there. Where there is need for schools construction, we will build schools. Where there is need for construction of bridge or clinic, we will build them there. By improvement of security, I endeavor to care for implementation economic development projects to help people find jobs and make earning sources for them. More focus is on building roads because roads can pave way for developments in an area.
Nangarhar is an agricultural province and most people are engaged in agriculture and livestock here. There are a lot of sources which help to develop agricultural sector as a result make people economically self-sufficient. Security is the first need for all these developments. ANDSF are endeavoring to ensure security and pave way for all developments in all parts of the country.