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Interview with Deputy Commander of ANA 201 Selab Corps Brig Gen. Mohammad Ali Shujayee


Da Azadi Ghagh: What was the goal of the military operations conducted in Nangarhar?

1 NGR 201 Selab Corps Deputy Commander Brig Gen. Mohammad Ali Shujaee

Gen. Shujayee: As you know the enemies of Afghanistan and International terrorists wanted to overrun some districts like Kot and Deh Bala where they wanted to create terrorism centers. We conducted military operations in order to clear those areas from the enemies. They are the enemies of our country, people and religion. The operations are conducted in order to suppress the enemies and ensure everlasting tranquility. 

Da Azadi Ghagh: In the areas where people are disturbed by militants, what help ANDSF can do to the people?
Gen. Shujayee: ANDSF are ready for all kind of sacrifices to help their people live in peace and give freedom to them from the enemies. ANDSF day and night defend sovereignty of the country and countrymen. By improvement of security, proper situation is provided for development in all sectors especially economy. Development projects can be implemented in the area in agriculture, education, health and other sectors. Roads and bridges can be built which helps to solve transportation problems. Look at the people of the area where there is good security. People can have prospering life in safety and peace.
Da Azadi Ghagh: what are the plans to remove Daesh, Taliban and other terrorist groups in the next year?
Gen. Shujayee: we are at the beginning of New Year. Planning Campaign entitled Khalid already conducted and fresh plans are in hand for the future steps in improving security in the country and thwarting enemies’ plots. The plans have already been given to the security organs. Based on the plans we are going to conduct military operations in the areas of our responsibility. The priorities have been selected based on intelligence information. Wherever the enemy gets up head, we will conquest them.
Da Azadi Ghagh: How professional the ANDSF became and how developed the Air Forces of Afghanistan?
Gen. Shujayee: the professionalism in all aspects and tactical capabilities of ANDSF is improving by passing each day. They use past experiences in making new plans for conducting operations. They act upon the plans and perform duties professionally and standardized. In the past three months, the training plan implemented unit to unit. During the period, we could increase combat capabilities of personnel from fourteen units. What they learned, they will utilize in the combat field.
Da Azadi Ghag: How important joint efforts of local government officials, religious clerics, tribal elders, locals and security forces are in ensuring security?
Gen. Shujayee: it is clear that security forces endeavor for prosperity and safety of each individual of the country. Each person can play a role in ensuring security. It is the job of each resident of the country to play his or her part in ensuring security for the safety of himself/herself, family members and other countrymen. Thanks to anyone helping with their security forces for saving innocent lives from the cruel plots of Afghanistan’s enemies. The government officials, security forces, tribal elders, religious clerics and locals work together to expand peace and development in the country. They are the people who can better keep eye on militants’ movements in the area and provide accurate information about them to the security forces. Locals’ cooperation is hundred percent effective in ensuring security. Thanks to them for provision of any kind of cooperation needed for security forces.
Da Azadi Ghagh: what is your position in front of different armed groups with different names performing destructive activities?
Gen. Shujayee: it is strict order of President to ANDSF to demolish any group taking up arms against the Islamic government and Muslim people of Afghanistan. They are terrorists and enemies. They don’t care to the lives of our innocent people. They attempt to spread insecurity and fear. They don’t obey the constitution of Afghanistan. They perform similar wild acts under different colors of flags and names. No difference, whoever Taliban, Daesh or other groups with different names that deteriorate security and pose threat to the respected Afghans will face hard strikes of defenders of Afghanistan.
Da Azadi Ghagh: will the terrorists be able to create safe heavens in Afghanistan?
Gen. Shujayee: Never!!! The enemies of Afghanistan never want peace and attempt to create safe heavens on this land to destroy country but they will carry these dreams to graves with them. ANDSF are fully ready to arrest them bring them to the justice or vanish them completely. The ANDSF will never let them have centers of terrorism on this land. By order of their leaders, Taliban, Daesh and Al-Qaida attempted to create centers for training, recruitment and residency in the eastern zone in order to expand their control to other parts from here. The awaken National Defense and Security Forces thwarted their all plots successfully. I reassure my all countrymen that in the next year too, the militants will be chased anywhere they have presence and they will be destroyed. Our fighting against the terrorists will be continued until they are completely finished.
Da Azadi Ghagh: How important it is the guidance of security forces are followed by locals during military operation?
Gen. Shujayee: Following instructions of security forces by locals helps to conduct the military operations more successfully and efficiently. Civilians’ lives are not important for the militants. They don’t care about harming children, old people, women and other residents of the area. They don’t care about anything. They go to villages while confronting security forces in order to use civilians as human shields. In this kind of situation, it is very important the locals follow instructions of security forces. While planning for conducting operation, prevention of civilian casualties is taken as high priority. It is our request to the people to keep distance from the militants in the area where the militants are present. More importantly, by reporting to security forces about residential places of militants, locals’ safety will increase. Security forces take all measures and use all tactics in order to remove the militants without harming civilians.
Da Azadi Ghagh: Thank you very much for giving us your precious time!
Gen. Shujayee: You are welcome.