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Terrorist activities condemned


Ramadan is the holiest gift for Muslims in which can get closer to the most Merciful Allah and become more piety. The recent inhuman attacks of terrorists have been condemned widely nationwide.

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Religious clerics in the eastern Nangarhar province condemned the terrorists attacks especially occurred in Ramadan that killed and injured several innocent Muslims while taking fast in different parts of the country.

They called the attacks inhuman and un-Islamic which only aimed at harming Muslim Afghans.

Provincial Governor of Nangarhar Mohammad Gulab Mangal emphasized that enemies of peaceful Afghanistan killed and injured men, women, children, old people, religious clerics, tribal elders in order to weaken this community.

He added, “You have seen that what did Daesh, Taliban and other militant groups did. They did explosions in the crowded areas, mosques, wedding parties and funerals because they don’t respect our religion and cultural values. We are peace likers and they enemies can’t afford us to live in peace.”

Abdul Zahir Haqani, Religious Affairs Director of Nangarhar stated that the people killed and injured in terrorist attacks while performing their daily duties to earn licit food for the families will complain to Almighty Allah about the brutality against them.

He added, “Inshallah, Almighty Allah will revenge for shedding the innocent bloods from the enemies of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Muslim people. Perpetrators performed the atrocious acts for some money will be asked by Almighty Allah for harming the innocent Muslims.”

Mr. Haqani also said that suicide is haram in Islam. He added, “Holly Quran says don’t kill yourselves, Almighty Allah is merciful on you. When a person killed him or herself with something, he will repeatedly kill him/herself in such way in hell. It will be a sentence for them.”

A religious cleric based in Jalalabad Mawlavi Sadiq insisted that Ramadan is the month of worships, friendship, and unity and helping each other, oppositely, enemies of Muslims increased sheding blood and expressed hatred and enmity toward holly Islam.

He said, “We condemn these terrorist attacks. Intimidating, harming and disrespecting the innocent people are prohibited in Holly Islam. Those who kill and injure the innocent people will be sentenced in this world and on doomsday.”

Another religious cleric Israrulhaq Mohammadi called upon Afghans to be united against the enemies of humanity and Islam. He said, “We are Muslims and we should understand lessons of Holly Islam. The goal of Holly Islam is worshiping to one Allah, brotherhood and unity.”

He remarked, “The enemies of holly Islam try to defame our religion by performing such vicious acts in this Muslim country. Understanding the lessons of Islam and unity can save us. Now, we have an elected government and by supporting our government these enemies can be defeated.”