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The future is paved in Pul-e Khumri


Baghlan-reconstruction-1With the Afghan National Security Forces providing security throughout the country, reconstruction and development are at a steady pace.

It is early morning in Pul-e Khumri and the dirt road along the canal is already the scene of busy men with wheelbarrows, shovels and cement bags. They are all day-labourers, meaning occasionally unemployed, but now they have found a job in a reconstruction project that provides them with a good salary and most of all, a good feeling of doing something for their community.
As a father of four children, 38 year old Zakrullah, struggles to provide for his family when he is jobless, often having to live on what friends and other families give him, so he is grateful to have a proper job now.
“This project provides job opportunities for a large number of unemployed people and I am happy working here earning Halal money to feed my family,” said Zakrullah. “I feel that I am working for my own home and country.”
This is a common feeling amongst his colleagues. They all work to improve their hometown. Funded by the international community and implemented by the Afghan government, a stretch of road is being asphalted, ditches for waste water are being dug, and the surrounding areas cleaned. Baghlan-reconstruction-2
For Mohammad Rasul Khan Mohsini, the Chairman of the Provincial Council in Baghlan, the completion of this road project will solve major traffic problems and increase cleanliness in the city.  “We should be able to complete this project soon,” Mohsini said to journalists. “Security situation has improved; the men can work day and night. The local government and all people living in this area support them.” 
Kaka Sarwar, a 53 year old shopkeeper from this part of the city is very pleased with the road construction. He always had hoped this road would be asphalted.  “After years waiting finally the day arrived and road work started in Pul i Khumri,” said Kaka Sarwar. “The improvements to this area will be great. No dust, no garbage and a safe road.”
The hard work shows that every single man and woman involved lays their hope for a better future in these projects. This year alone the government has made extensive efforts to further develop the province and improve living conditions for local communities. Six schools were opened, three clinics in Doshi, Khenjan and Anderab and a new rehabilitation clinic for drug addicted people were inaugurated in Pul i Khumri.