Sun, Oct

Norway pledges to implement new development projects in Faryab


norwayThe government of Norway has pledged to implement further development projects in northern Faryab province of Afghanistan.

Norway’s ambassador to Afghanistan on Monday visited northern Faryab province of Aghanistan and said the development projects will be implemented in coordination with the Afghan government. Provincial governor Abdul Satar Barez said the Norwegian ambassador also vowed to assist the victims flash floods in Faryab province.

Norway is among the major donors contributing to the reconstruction of Afghanistan. The government of Norway vowed to increase economic assistance to Afghanistan and pledged EUR 101 million in annual aid to Afghanistan. Norway’s main priorities in Afghanistan are good governance, education and rural development.

The Norwegian officials have said that Norway’s efforts in Afghanistan will continue to be based on human rights considerations, women’s rights and zero tolerance for corruption. In the meantime, local authorities in Faryab province have said Norway has implemented around four thousand projects in various sectors including education