Tue, Jul

Afghan forces operation in Yamgan


ANA-helicopterAfghan national security forces have retake the control of Yamgan district following hours of gun battle with the Taliban militants, local officials said.

The Taliban militants captured Yamgan following an attack which was carried out by dozens of Taliban fighters.
Deputy provincial governor, Gul Mohamad Bidar said Afghan national police and Afghan national army soldiers have retaken the control of Yamgan district following clashes which lasted almost nine hours.
Mr. Bidar further added that Afghan security forces were deployed to the area using the helicopters and the operation was launched around 6:00 am local time.

He said at least 20 Taliban militants were killed and 10 others were injured during the operation which ended around 3:00 pm local time.
Bidar also added clashes are still going on between Afghan security forces and Taliban militants in parts of Yamgan district; however Afghan security forces have retaken the control of district center.

Source: Khaama