Sun, Jul

Development projects in Baghlan


RRD-projects-1Thousands of families across the northern Baghlan province benefit from 16 development projects. These projects were started by the provincial Rural Rehabilitation Department (RRD) six months ago, and are expected to be complete as per schedule.

The projects include digging of wells, graveling of roads, development of water channels, construction of public buildings, and provision of vocational training and literacy courses. It is estimated that over 4,000 families around Baghlan directly benefit from these projects.
Engineer Abdul Rab Hakami, head of the Baghlan RRD, said that these projects, besides creating hundreds of employment opportunities for the locals, will improve the living standards of Baghlan residents. Most of these projects were identified by residents, he said.
“We consult with villagers and, based on the needs of the local people, we plan these projects. First we want to meet the most urgent needs, such as provision of clean water and education,” Hakami said.
The RRD programme has been implemented in all the 34 provinces of Afghanistan, and is aimed at bringing about social and financial growth