Sun, Oct

Helping those in need


A mass wedding celebration was held in Parwan for young people. Fifty brides and fifty grooms from Parwan and Kapisa provinces happily took part in this ceremony which was aimed at alleviating the high costs of weddings.

  One groom, Syed Abdullah, said, “We were engaged for several years and many of us worked hard to save for our weddings, but we weren’t able to save enough for the ceremony. Now, we are very happy to begin our new lives.”
Parwan and Kapisa public and civil society activists welcomed the mass wedding. Activists believe that such celebrations can solve the problems of hundreds of Afghan families. Ms. Rooshna Khaled, a Parwan women’s activist explained, “We are very happy today that one hundred young women and men were joined together. We want all Afghan families to promote customs that enable our young people to marry each other,” Ms. Rooshna Khaled said to Sada-e- Azadi magazine.
The cost of the mass wedding was prepared by Haji Gul Agha Parwani Charity Foundation. In addition to the expenses of the ceremony, the foundation provided some of the needed goods for the couples as well. Haji Khairuddin Mayel Parwani, head of the foundation, said that all the grooms of the celebration were poor and less fortunate in the community and didn’t have money to pay their wedding’s cost. Mr. Parwani explained, “We tried to solve the problems of these young people. I hope all the couples have a safe and calm life. I am grateful to my God that helped me to provide the cost of these couples’ wedding parties. We will do such programs in the future as well and continue to promote the well-being of our community.”