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Kabul Residents Promise Blood Donation to Kunduz Injured Soldiers


donating-blood-01Hundreds of Kabul residents gathered in Kabul on Friday to renewing their promise to continue supporting Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) and encourage the citizens to donate blood to injured soldiers.

The gathering comes as battle between the security forces and militants is still ongoing in northern Kunduz - a Taliban spring offensive that caused fears of province's collapse into the hands of insurgents.

The participants promised to donate blood to the soldiers injured in Kunduz fighting.

“The large crowd that have gathered here belongs to all tribes and sects of Afghanistan to support our security forces, and this is a sign of unity,” a participant Ibrahim Besharat said.

“We support our powerful Army, Police and NDS [intelligence] forces and we want them to eliminate the enemies of Afghanistan,” female participant Farzana Farahmand said.

The residents stated that all the groups fighting with the security forces and targeting civilians were the enemies of Islam.

They called on all political parties to stand united against armed oppositions and prevent progress of newly-emerged Daesh and other militant groups in the country.

“If it is a matter of Islam, then what is Daesh doing?” MP from Kandahar Abdul Rahim Ayoubi said. “This group [Daesh] is just created to increase cruelty in Afghanistan.”

Analysts, meanwhile, accuse some foreign spy agencies of attempting to break up the unity among Afghan tribes.

The Kunduz battle started a week ago when scores of militants, who Kunduz officials said were comprised of Daesh and other Central Asian militants, converged on the province.

The fighting began last Friday in Imam Sahib, Qalai Zal, Ali Abad and some other districts.

Nearly 200 insurgents have been killed so far during the ground battle and air strikes by ANSF.

The security forces are said to have been able to bring the battle under control and clear the areas of Taliban.