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Learning should be fun


fun-for-learning“I would request those who are working in the field of education specially, teachers to strive and support education, so that we can tackle challenges successfully,” says Muqadas, a Community Based School (CBS) teacher in Badakhshan.

Muqadas is working as Community Based School teacher of Mardarah School in Kishim district of Badakhshan. Muqadas joined Swedish Committee for Afghanistan’s (SCA) CBS in 2006, and since last two years she is working as head of teachers in this school.

When Muqadas was asked about the reason behind choosing teaching as her profession, whit a smiling face, she answered:

“I was interested in teaching profession from my childhood, as it is a holy profession.”

“I strive to do my job well. I also carry out my expense with the salary that I receive form SCA,” adds Muqadas.

Mardarah School has a total number of 206 male and female students who are taught by eight teachers. The teachers are graduated from Teachers Training Institute and are always receiving technical supports from SCA.

“I believe that teachers should use different methods to make learning fun for students,” declares Muqadas.

Residents of Kishim are satisfied from SCA’s services in educational areas and willing SCA to increase the number of classes in this district.

SCA is running nine CBS in Badakhshan and a total number of 575 CBS in 12 districts of Afghanistan.