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ANA To The Rescue


truck-were-polled-out-modWhen the roads in the districts of Baghlan province are covered by heavy snows, the Afghan National Army (ANA) deploys specially-trained rescue teams to protect civilians and assist those stranded along the roadways.

Abdul Nawab, a transporter of local goods, plays an important role in the local economy; however, he became stuck in the mud after heavy rains. “I was totally hopeless and didn’t know what to do,” said Nawab. “I went to the ANA base in Kelgai and requested their help. They were very willing to help me and had all the right training and equipment. I was very thankful they could assist me so I can continue working.”

“Our job is not only to demolish the enemy, uphold the law and maintain security but also to come to the aid when those in need call. We live and die for our people and it gives us great happiness and satisfaction,” said Colonel Ziauddin, ANA commander of 1th battalion, 4th company of Shahen Corps.

Mozambill, a shepherd from Doshi district, said the ANA rescue teams were instrumental in saving his flock from the cold winter conditions after he became stranded. “A heavy snow covered the hills and blocked the path, so we were unable to get to safety with our animals. Th

e ANA responded to our predicament and thankfully the brave sons of the ANA came and rescued us. We are forever indebted to them.”