Sun, Jul

Capable ANDSF curbing insurgents’ activities


ANP-arnoured-vehicleA clearing out military operation “Brishna 23” was conducted by the ANDSF in Alborz Mountains of Chemtal district in Northern Balkh Province. According to security officials, during the operation many insurgents were killed and wounded.

Areas around the Alburz Mountains and Chemtal district where the Taliban insurgents used as safe-haven are now cleared and safe. The residents say the insurgents fled and left the area.

Commander of the operation in 209 Shaheen Corps, Nazar Mohammad, said more than 200 armed insurgents were fighting against us in Alborz Mountains. “The aim of this operation was to clear out the insurgents from this area where they used to launch their attacks against us.” anp-in-ground-operation

Colonel Abdul Latif, the ANA commander involved in the operation, had ordered his soldiers to avoid civilian casualties and consider the rule of law. “We maintain peace and security so that people can live and work in a peaceful area,” he said.