Sun, Jul

Khwaja Gogirdak-Fertilizer and Power Plant new gas pipeline project inaugurated


saba-inaugurateThe project of Khwaja Gogirdak – Fertilizer and Power Plant new gas pipeline inaugurated with the cutting of ribbon by the Minister of Mines and Petroleum Dr. Daud Shah Saba.

A function in this regard was took place in the Chamtal District of Balkh Province, which was participated by Deputy Minister of Mineral Management Eng. Abdul Quddos Hamidi, Sectoral Director in the office of Balkh Governer House, the Chairman of North Coal Enterprise, members of leading delegations of Fertilizer and Power Plant of Mazar-e-Sharif, the leading delegation of Afghan Gas, staff members of gas pipeline, Chamtal District Governer, and elders of the Chamtal District. In accordance with the plan, the work progress is as follows:

The basic welding of 10 joints of the pipeline has done in 115 Km 117 Km ditch has dug in the route of the line.

Miscellaneous work is continuing in accordance with the plan of the gas pipeline.