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Mass-wedding ceremony held in Samangan


mass-weddingA mass-wedding ceremony for 32 young couples was held in northern Samangan province on Saturday.

The ceremony was sponsored by Haji Abdul Qudus Arbabzada, a local elder based in Saudi Arabia.

Around 3,000 guests, comprising of family members and relatives of the 32 couples, had attended the event held in Qasr-i-Almas hotel in Aibak.

Maulvi Abdul Qadir, a religious scholar, said such ceremonies were in line with Islamic values, calling on people to stop wasting money on lavish weddings.

Mohammad Hashim Sarwari, provincial council member, said 32 couples were of those young people who did not have financial ability to tie their knot. The couples were residents of Hazrat Sultan, Khuram Sarbagh, and Dara-e-Suf districts.

He added Haji Abdul Qudus had also allocated $500 in cash, a carpet and a golden ring to every couple.

The overall expenses for the ceremony had touched $55,000, he added.

Ainudding, 28, one of the grooms, said: “I had gotten engaged four years back. I went to Kabul in the past 3 years for work. I earned 300,000 afghanis that I paid for dowry but did not have more money to get married.”

He expressed gratitude to Haji Abdul Qudus for the ceremony.