Sun, Oct

30 Taliban killed in Badakhshan operations: MoI


helmand-support-andsfAs clashes intensified around Raghestan district of northeastern Badakhshan province, the Ministry of Interior on Friday said more than 30 Taliban fighters and five security forces had been killed so far.

In a statement, the MoI said the clearing operations entering a third day in Raghestan had resulted in the killing of more than 30 Taliban fighters including their top commanders Mullah Muqtader, Maulvi Hujat, Maulvi Abdullah, Maulvi Tajikistani and Mullah Wazir Gul and some foreign fighters.

Five policemen were also killed and eight others wounded, the MoI added.
Earlier in the day, Col. Sakhidad Haidari, the deputy police chief for Badakhshan, said the Taliban launched group attacks on Raghestan district on Friday before dawn.

He said the insurgents had overrun half of the district, prompting the authorities to send reinforcements to the district.
Col. Ghulam Ali, another senior security official, said the Taliban had been pushed back and the fighting continued in some villages as of 2pm.