Tue, Jul

Insurgents Pushed to Outskirts of Kunduz City


Security forces have pushed back insurgents to the outskirts of the city after having regained control of Chawk-e-Kunduz, the main traffic circle, on Wednesday.

TOLOnews journalist Karim Amini reports that the Taliban's defense lines have been pushed back to the outskirts of the city but that clashes are ongoing in these parts.

According to Amini, all four main roads, that start at the roundabout and lead to strategic areas, are once again open to traffic.
Civilians are reportedly venturing out on to the streets once again and some shops and bakeries have reopened.

The city was on Wednesday relatively calm after ten days of fierce battles between security forces and insurgents – which has resulted in about 6,000 families being left homeless since the start of last Monday's siege.
"Most parts of the city are now under control of the security forces," reported Karim.

Meanwhile, security officials said house-to-house search operations will be launched soon to eliminate insurgents hiding out in civilian homes.
"We are going to conduct house-to-house search operations at night and if we find any suspicious house, we will search it to make sure there is not threat," a police officer told TOLOnews.

In addition, he said insurgents are also hiding in the mosques.
However the overall situation in Kunduz has been relatively calm on Wednesday. The roads leading to Kunduz Airport and to provinces have also reportedly been quiet.