Sun, Oct

MoD To Deploy Thousands Of Troops To Northern Provinces


badakhshan-17-oct-2015The Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Saturday said thousands of troops will be sent to Kunduz, Takhar and Badakhshan provinces in order to prevent any threat by militants.

The MoD said the deployment will be permanent and they will be a supporting unit.

"They will number in the thousands. We hope to equip them as much as possible so they have no need to rely on reinforcement troops if needed. It will be a powerful unit," said Mohammad Rahman Afzal, deputy chief of MoD public affairs department.

President Ashraf Ghani visited Kunduz city on Friday where he vowed to clear the northeastern parts of militants.

"My order and the decision of the national security council is to fully clear the northeastern parts of militants and save your [Afghan forces] achievements," Ghani told Afghan troops in Kunduz.

"If they do not do this [clear the northern parts of militants] they will face huge problems and there will not be any security in Kabul or its northern parts. I hope they keep their word and realize that the country is facing a crisis," said Amanullah Paima, an MP from Badakhshan.

The Afghan security forces managed to retake full control of Kunduz city after 10 days and are now busy clearing Kunduz's districts of militants.