Sun, Jul

Baghlan Activists Call For End To War


BaglhanDozens of Baghlan civil society activists on Wednesday protested against insecurity by flying kites emblazoned with the slogans of peace and security.

They called on all parties involved in the war in the country to stop fighting.

The activists said they hoped that this new year will see people's lifestyles change for the better and for the nation to live in peace.
"Our aim behind this move is to deliver the message of peace to the residents of Baghlan province and by this move we want all parties involved in the war in the country to stop fighting," said Atif Arifian, Baghlan Civil Society Network's Chief Executive.
Protestors said that they are tired of war.
"Our aim is to show that we are tired of war in the country and we want to tell all the citizens to stop fighting," said Shah Zaman, one activist.

"Peace is the only demand of all Baghlan residents and with this move we want to deliver the message that we are tired of war and we need lasting peace in the country," said Sayed Jamil Sajad, another activist.

After recent clashes in Baghlan province this is the first time civil society activists have carried out such a protest in this province, calling for an end to the ongoing war.