Sun, Jul

ANDSF Strength Grows Daily


ANDSF-strenght-growing-deilyAfghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) are using advanced military equipment to destroy insurgents and bring stability to our people.

In Balkh province, the Afghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan National Police (ANP) have been trained and equipped by international forces to ensure they have the technical capability to win any challenge in the battlefield, while at the same time, preventing civilian casualties. Hazarat, a shopkeeper, praised the ability of the ANDSF to employ military equipment that saves lives. “I witnessed the bomb technicians use a robot to prevent a bomb from exploding,” he said. “The insurgents put bombs on the street that is heavily traveled by women and children. However, thanks to the skills of our ANDSF, they could prevent the insurgents from bringing any more misery to the families of our nation.”

Abdul Razaq Qadiri, deputy of the Balkh Police HQ, said, “Residents of Mazar and across the country should not be concerned about a return to the dark times of the past. Their security forces can bring some of the most modern equipment available to force the capitulation of the insurgents. Never again will we return to the darkness.”