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Mazar-e-Sharif Parks Come Alive At Night For Locals


Mazar-in-the-nightMaking the most of seemingly improved security in the northern Balkh city of Mazar-e-Sharif, local residents flock to parks in their landmark city for picnics where they are able to put aside their worries and enjoy some semblance of freedom and peace.

Reporting from Mazar, TOLOnews correspondent Sayed Arif Musavi caught up with some families who enjoyed the sunshine outdoors this weekend – many also, however, enjoy long evenings in the parks.

Residents told Musavi that one positive point is that there is no gender discrimination and women, girls and children join their male relatives for such outings.

"People come to the park to get spiritual peace, because there is better security situation and people stay till 1:00 am," one Mazar resident, Mohammad Misaq, said.

According to visitors to one park, they still remember the chaotic era of the Taliban regime which had banned people from going to parks and enjoying other amusement programs.

"We come to the park at 5pm this evening and will return home at around 11:00 pm," mother of three children Maryam said.