Tue, Jul

Tangee Tashqurghan will be revived


Nasir Ahmad Durrani, the Minister of Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, inaugurated 24 infrastructure projects in Balkh province.

The Tangee Tashqurghan project consisting of construction of road, canals and retaining walls, will be completed at a cost of Afs 171 million within the next ten months. The project was funded by the Asian Development Bank and implemented by the Regional Integration Program of MRRD.

Tangee Tashqurghan, a critical and strategic pathway in the northern highway of the country, was destroyed during the recent floods. The reconstruction of this highway will greatly solve the traffic problems for passengers from a number of the provinces in the North.

Meanwhile, Minister of MRRD laid down the foundation stone for 24 new development projects in Balkh province with a budget of Afs 160 million.

These projects will be carried in different districts of Balk province and consist of rebuilding and construction of water dam, water intakes, bridge, water tunnels, retaining walls and irrigation canals.

H.E. Nasir Ahmad Durrani also inaugurated three small projects of irrigation canals in Khalm and Nahr Shahee districts of Balkh province.

The Minister of MRRD said: “Currently we have 50 public projects underway in different villages of districts of Balkh costing more than Afs 400 million. With the completion of these projects, majority of the problems of these rural residents will be solved”.