Thu, Oct

ANDSF Shield Against Criminals


Maj. Gen. Tariq Shah Bahrami, acting Ministry of Defense, praised great morale of security forces, while General Murad from the Ministry of Interior explained the only salvation for enemies is to join the peace process, during their visit to the northern region of the country.


MG Bahrami stated, “Taliban militants have neither a place among people nor the capability to face security forces. That is why they take people as hostages and use them as shelter during fights against the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF). Taliban make fake claims to justify their action, but only commit un-Islamic actions against their own countrymen. Frankly, they are a criminal network who causes destruction and it is so shameful they call themselves Afghans or holy warriors.”

General Murad Ali Murad, Deputy Interior Minister for Security, believes that Taliban must bury their false home to defeat the security forces. “Taliban can’t defeat ANDSF forces but rather send their low ranks for slaughter,” said Gen. Murad. “Therefore, the door of negotiation is open for those ask for forgiveness, so I hope those who call themselves Afghan join and share their ideas with us to take part in building Afghanistan in better way.”

KNZTariq and delegaton FMT BGLKunduz North

Bahador, 28 year old local residence of Kunduz, welcomed the senior leaders to Kunduz, expressing desire for continued ANDSF operations and said their leaders earn their honor by professionally serving their people and country. “Fearless ANDSF leaders, without corruption or loyalty to anyone but the country, are what gives us morale to believe in better future. Their courage, hard work, sacrifices and leadership is appreciated.”

Kunduz has been witness to continued ANDSF operations and successes, particularly in killing Taliban leadership, which has left the criminal network in disarray with numerous low rank fighters abandoning the wrong path. Numerous members of the ANDSF said they draw their strength from support of the people and will never cease to defeat the enemy.