Thu, Oct

Hate of Taliban – support of government


People in Afghanistan are tired of fighting, insecurity, disruptive acts, existence of illegal armed militants and misleading illiterate jobless youths.

Alhaj Sadullah chief religious leader in Badakhshan

To prevent this happening further, huge number of religious scholars, influential people and social activists gathered to support government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Afghan Security Forces in Badakhshan Province.

Alhaj Sadullah, chief religious leader in Badakhshan believes that existence of illegal armed militants, insecurity, disruptive acts has provided the opportunity for the enemies to take advantage of those illiterates and use them against their own Islamic government. “Taliban or any other illegal armed militants had no nest and reputation in any corner of Badakhshan or during the history” said Sadullah. “Now those disruptive groups under the name of holy war kill innocent people, blow up bridges and follow all those sinful acts they are asked to do. It is our responsibility to stand against those and chase them out either alive or death.”

Sadullah is not the only religious scholar who vows to support local government, security forces and stand against domestic and foreigner enemies of Afghanistan, but Rostam Fayeeq, social activists of Badakhshan is another brave Afghan son who calls enemies slave militants who work for money not for a holy war. “Few years ago, Badakhshan was an example of peace and stability in the north, but now it has changed to insecure province, due to the interference of enemies,” said Fayeeq. “Enemies claim they are doing holy war. It is not holy war what they do. In fact, they are committing such a sinful act that Allah will never forgive them. We condemn all those and ask them to join the peace process, otherwise elite Afghan personnel will send them after those fake high and low ranks they are taking orders from.”

Abdul Najie Naziri Provincial Shura Chief of Badakhshan appreciated the gathering in support of their government and he stated that government is like a home for everyone. Those who want to keep their families’ secured do their best not to let others come and tear it apart. “Minor problems might exist in government, but it doesn’t mean that security forces kill innocent people, collect illegal taxes, cut power line off or commit other sinful acts that Taliban do” said Naziri. “Truth is that neither Taliban nor any other illegal militants really care about national interest and progress of Afghanistan. Instead they want Afghanistan and its people to remain backward, unstable, not civilized, uneducated and they prevent the progress. In response security forces are putting their life in danger and save other Afghans and they won’t let them cause destruction or inhuman acts that are forbidden according to Islam and constitution of Afghanistan.”