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Fiber Optic and Salam GSM-3G Services Inaugurate in Logar and Paktia Provinces


Salam-and-GSM-systemDeputy (IT) Minister of Communications & Information Technology (MCIT) Mr. Aimal Marjan aiming inauguration of Optic Fiber and Salaam 3G/GSM Network visited Logar and Paktia provinces on Wednesday 26 – 27 February 2014.

Mr. Marjan leading a delegation first participated the ceremony in Paktia province, which was happening on this occasion and faced warm welcome from the official profiles and people of Paktia province.
At the beginning the deputy governor of Paktia province Mr. Abdul Wali Sehi praised telecommunication and IT progress achieved by the efforts and consideration of MCIT. He said: this is the place of honor the two Telecommunication projects are inaugurated in our province, which will without doubt cause positive changes in the life of people.
Then Mr. Marjan thanked the authorities and people of Paktia for their warm welcome and said: this visit has a special significance for me.  He gave detailed information about the Salaam Network service and said:  beside other significant services Afghan Telecom as a government corporation has invested 65 million dollars  of its own revenuein the field of GSM and 3G under the salaam telecommunication, which will provide better quality service in reasonable price and cause serious competition in telecommunication and internet market in Afghanistan.
Marjan added that: MCIT struggles to provide IT and internet services in every corner of the country and decisively determines to transfer Afghanistan to an information society, for this the contribution of the nation is the most required and necessary.
And also Mr. Marjan and his companion delegation participated a grandeur ceremony in Logar province and inaugurated the Salaam Network and Fiber Optic Project on Thursday 27 February 2014.
The ceremony was attended by governor, provincial authorities and members of provincial council of Logar province.
First the Governor Mr. Niaz Mhammad and MP Mr. Sahib Khan spoke about the importance of internet and telecommunications respectively in their turns; expressed satisfaction for consideration of MCIT to provide CIT services all around the country especially in Logar province.