Sat, Oct

New governor vows to reopen closed schools

Uruzgan-new-governorThe new governor on Tuesday said his first priority would be reopening of schools that had been closed due to security threats in central Uruzgan province.

In his maiden meeting with tribal elders at the governor’s house after his inauguration a few days back, Amanullah Tairmuri said he would work to implement reconstruction projects.
Taimuri, who replaces Amir Mohammad Akhundzada, urged tribal elders to encourage residents into sending their children to schools. He said elders should cooperate with the government in areas of security and reconstruction.
He said the security situation in Uruzgan was satisfactory, but the province needed reconstruction projects, which he called among his priorities.
The governor also said people should actively participate in next month’s presidential and provincial council elections to elect their preferred candidates.
The elders, who attended the meeting, said they were happy with Tairmuri’s appointment as the provincial governor and urged him to focus on the reconstruction and education sectors.
Taimuri is the eighth governor to be appointed in Uruzgan during the incumbent President Hamid Karzai’s government.
Uruzgan education director Ihsanullah Nashir said there were 63 schools which had been shut due to Taliban’s threats in various districts of the province.  “It is encouraging that the governor has promised efforts to reopen such schools.”
However, there had been little success in efforts earlier made by provincial officials to reopen closed schools in Uruzgan.