Thu, Oct

Kandahari women promote peace


Women-for-peaceAfghanistan’s women have always stood for peace and re-conciliation. Today’s generation of young Afghan females are no different from their mothers.


They are working just as hard to ensure this noble land finds peace and harmony.
In Kandahar, in a programme supported by the United Nations, school girls have put their thoughts to paper, expressing their heart-felt desire to bring healing to this land. Dozens of students gathered at the governor’s palace to write essays, dedicated to peace.

Kandahar’s governor, Dr Tooryalai Wesa, was deeply impressed by their commitment. “Women have a key role in promoting peace, as sisters, daughters and mothers,” he said. “Our women provide an example to those troubled brothers still outside the new Afghanistan. Our women can help motivate them to find peace and end the troubles in our communities.”

That view is supported by Governor Wesa’s wife and head of Children’s Affairs and Civil Associations, Dr Rangina Wesa. “In Kandahar, we should do more to support our women. Our women have a key role to play in developing this country. We are helping convince this new generation of Afghans to serve this country, end the fighting, and bring education and prosperity to our people.”

The participating students were given several peace-related topics to write on, including how to convince our enemies to agree to peace and how to stop violence against females. Each topic was enthusiastically debated by all the participants, before prizes were given out by Dr Rangina Wesa.

“Peace is the only way forward, “said Nafisa, one young prize winner. “Our enemies should stop fighting because innocent people get killed. We all need to study hard and show the world how we can succeed by using the pen, not the gun.”