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The hero of Panjwai


Siraj says he wants to make the land safer for fellow Afghans.Seraj is a very modest man. He is 38 years old and has lived in Kandahar province all his life. He is not a famous warrior, poet, politician or athlete. Yet he is a genuine Afghan hero!

He is a police officer and his chosen trade is defusing mines and explosive devices. He takes his work seriously because he believes in Afghanistan and its people: “I took this job on because I saw how dangerous these devices could be for our people. I then found I had a talent for this work. I am supported by the local people, who point out suspicious objects to me. I make the land safe for them,” he said.

According to Siraj, he has investigated over 6,000 such sightings. Not every call has been dangerous, but he takes the risk in stride. He has become very well-known in Panjwai district, and local people call out his name when he passes.

“Seraj is one of our real heroes,” says his supervisor, Haji Abdul Wadood, Afghan National Police Commander for Panjwai district. “I am sure God has chosen him for this work, he has such a talent. As is said, Allah has chosen a day for us all to leave this world but, for now, Seraj is a man who never dies.”

Thanks to the efforts of Seraj and others like him, the incidence of improvised explosive devices in Kandahar province has fallen by nearly 40 per cent this year alone.

The Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) have dedicated their lives for the defence of Afghanistan and its people. They will never allow the enemies of Afghanistan to destroy the country and deny the people their freedoms.

The people of Afghanistan know that and they have been generous in appreciation for the ANSF.