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School Bridge Is Ready for Winter Rain


bridgeIn Afghanistan’s Arghandab district of southern Kandahar province, children could not go to schools in rainy seasons. Parents and villagers talked with their community development councils to find a solution.

Community development councils found out that seasonal flooding has destroyed roads in Mazra-e-Abass village and has affected peoples’ access to schools, clinics, markets, district government center and other villages.
USAID provided a grant to community development council of the Mazra-e-Abass village to build culverts and donated construction materials to follow up operation and maintenance in the future.
“It rains many days in winter and spring. Water from the entire mountain flows here and students can’t come to school,” said Ahmad Shah, a 26-year-old teacher.

“Many teachers are coming from other villages. Their bikes stuck in muds for hours before. With these culverts, school children can easily cross waterways and old men can go to the mosques,” said Zahir Jan a villager.

This stabilization program is designed to improve security, extend the reach of the Afghan government, and facilitate reconstruction in priority provinces. Their core objective is to implement projects that will improve stability so that more traditional forms of development assistance can resume.