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A sign of growing economy


Kandahar-dry-fruit-1Dry fruit traders in Kandahar are happy with the government for building them a new market from where they can store and market their goods. The echoing halls and storage rooms are of a grand scale thereby accommodating many traders, and in their opinion, “a great place for us to keep our dry fruits cool and safe.”

Traders laud the provincial government for such a wonderful project as the space they had within the city was already crammed because of the growing number of traders.
“So it was very hard to expand business,” Abdul Ahad, president of the Dry Fruits Traders Union, told Sada-e Azadi. “As our local economy grew, more and more traders came to conduct business. Another result was that many of our products were spoilt because we had no cool and dry storage.”
Afghanistan has seen its economy and development grow over the past decade. Local city planners smartly decided the location of the new dry fruit market that would enable big trucks to move with more ease. The old dry fruit market was on a small road and many large delivery trucks bringing valued products to shoppers weren’t able to get where they needed to go. The new location has incorporated a solution to this old problem and now provided space so each truck can be parked in front of the shops.Kandahar-dry-fruit-2
Akhwand Zadah is very pleased to have a shop in the new market. “I’m very happy to be here because the government has listened to our problems and built this new market according to our needs. Before, our products were sometimes spoiling on the trucks and this would impact the prices we had to charge in order to make a living. With good coordination between traders, our union and the government, we hope to present good and fair prices to all.”
Trading officials said they were pleased to meet the needs of the merchants. Government officials were especially concerned about providing enough space to allow the trucks to deliver goods in a timely manner.
“The previous market was 60 years old and it was suited for the past, before we had large trucks delivering goods. This new market is designed for the modern Afghanistan. We have more traders and farmers producing goods, so we determined it was important to respond to the desires of the people,” Nasrullah Zahir, a trading official in Kandahar, said.
Kandahar Municipality spokesman, Zmari Sargand, said, “We have already begun notifying merchants that they can begin transporting their goods to the new market. We anticipate having all traders in the new market very soon.”
The new market will have 400 rooms, including storage spaces and shops.