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Drugs seized in Helmand


drug-seized-in-HelmandDrugs bring misery to those who use them, provide support to bandits and force farmers into poverty.

The families of drug addicts are economically and socially devastated; farmers growing poppy, instead of halal crops, end up into debt by borrowing money from drug dealers; thus the major beneficiaries are smugglers. But they too have to bribe the enemies of Afghanistan for protection.
It is a vicious cycle!
Therefore, growing, dealing in and using drugs are haram. Yet, criminals continue to break the law and the injunctions of faith.
But when they do so, our security forces come into action.
In Helmand, our brothers and sisters in the Afghan Border Police are well-versed in the ways of smugglers and thieves. They know the means by which this evil is peddled, and how to stop this wicked trade in its tracks.
In just one day’s operation, the Afghan Border Police from the 6th Zone seized 138 kg of liquid poppy from one vehicle. The illicit materiel had been hidden in spare tyres.
But nothing can escape the eagle eye of these highly professional security forces personnel.  In the past six months, they have destroyed over 700 kg of heroin and other poppy materials, saving countless lives in the process.
“We know who these bandits are,” says Abdul Ahad, drug detection manager for the 6th Zone. “We have informants and we act swiftly and decisively on our intelligence.”
The border police now work across the province, not just on the border itself, as part of on-going operations to establish the rule of law and protect the innocent from the depredations of crime.
“We will spare no effort to wipe out illegal drugs,” says 6th Border Zone Commander, Sultan Mahmood. “We now have new equipment and our men have had a lot of training in detection techniques. We will stop illegal drugs from afflicting our people.”