Sat, Oct

There is goodness in peace


Goodness-come-from-peace-1It has been more than a year since Mullah Abdul Wahid Nazari and the 16 members of his insurgent group decided to join the peace process. His is prime example of the positive impact that his decision has had on him and his community.

“Now, I am very happy because since we chose peace, it has made our lives more beautiful than they have ever been. The Peace Council has supported us a lot. When I came to understand that the ANP and ANA are our people, our Afghans, I thought why I should fight with them as it is not in Islam to kill each other.”
Mullah Nazari said he had memories filled with hardship, particularly those suffered by his family.
“Whenever I reflect on the time I spent in fighting, I become very sorry because during that time my life was very unpleasant and difficult. My family suffered many problems. However, we are now very happy and thankful to the Peace Council that we now live a normal life together. Now my children attend school, and I have as much happiness as they do because they are receiving an education which will provide a better life than I had,” he said.Goodness-come-from-peace
His decision has also benefited the community as new development projects worth thousands of dollars have been initiated in the area.
“We are very satisfied with our decision to choose the goodness in peace and we are very pleased with the Peace Council for keeping its promises to help develop our district and assist our people.”