Thu, Oct

Helmand’s evil crop meets justice


Drug-burnt-in-HelmandAfghanistan is in a time of peace, but many problems remain. Too many innocent Afghans have fallen victim to the scourge of illegal drugs. Too many of our citizens have yet to realize that growing and selling narcotics is destroying lives and ruining families.

In Helmand Province, Provincial Governor Al-Haj Mohammad Naem is spear-heading a determined fight to eliminate the growth and production of poppy and hashish. All the agencies of Government and the Security Forces are working together to destroy illegal drugs at their source.
Over the past 20 months, the security agencies have seized over 27 tonnes of illegal drugs. Police and security agents have conducted a series of surveillance and seizure operations to interdict, disrupt and destroy the network of thieves and bandits who insist on peddling this evil.