Sat, Oct

Enemy suffer defeat in Sangin


sangin-operationA few weeks ago, the enemies of Afghanistan launched attacks on the government and civilian targets in parts of Helmand. The brave security personnel of the Afghan National Security Forces forced the enemy to flee, suffering heavy losses.

A delegation, headed by the Afghan Defence Minister, General Bismillah Mohammadi, recently visited Helmand to assess the security situation.
The minister addressed the Afghan security personnel and lauded their sacrifices and professionalism in defending their homeland and fellow countrymen.
“We assessed the situation here. Thank God, the evil and malicious attempts by the enemy of capturing Nawzad, Musa Qala, Sangin and Kajaki have been foiled. Our security forces acted in a coordinated fashion and defeated the enemy,” Gen Mohammad said. He also announced to deploy more troops in the province.
Public Health Minister Dr Suraya Dalil, a member of the delegation, visited the wounded in Lashkar Gah. She asked the provincial health officials to take full care of the victims.
For soldiers and policemen morale is high. Tooryalai, an ANA soldier who was treated for battle wounds in Bost Hospital in Lashkar Gah, told the Afghan channel “One TV” that once recovered he would go back to fight the enemy.
General Sayed Malook, commander of the ANA 215th Maiwand Corps, lauding his men, said that the enemies of peace will never succeed in their designs.
“We have deployed our reserve forces in the districts. You can see that the situation is completely under control, thank God,” he said.
General Sultan Mohammad, the provincial chief of the Afghan Border Police, told the media that most of area was cleared of the insurgents and the search operation was in full swing.
Helmand police chief, General Abdul Qayum Baqizoy, told One TV that in the past British, Danish and US troops used to lead the fighting, but this time, the enemy was defeated by the Afghan forces alone.
He said the insurgents did not have any regard for the civilians and use them as human shields. Referring to the enemy’s evil tactics, the police chief said, “You will not believe that they had planted improvised explosive devices (IEDs) even inside a flour bag in one house. They had planted IEDs inside a clay oven and on the doors of the house.”
Many insurgents took positions in civilian buildings and the residents were forced to leave their houses.
“Near the road where they wanted to plant landmines, they forced the people out of their houses. People were displaced and had to take refuge in the desert,” Gen Malook told the media.
Meanwhile, the Afghan Red Crescent Society has distributed food packages, drugs and tents among the internally displaced people in Helmand.