Thu, Oct

Cold storage facilities inaugurated in Paktia

paktiaExport activity is likely with the construction of more cold storage facilities in southeastern Paktia province, the director of agriculture said on Tuesday.

Eng. Zabihullah Hasanzoai, speaking a ceremony for the handover 18 cold storage facilities for proper use, hoped the initiative would address the problems that farmers and traders previously faced.
The facilities, he said, had been built in Sayed Karam, Zurmat and Ahmadaba districts, as well as Gardez City, the provincial capital, in which agriculture products would be kept fresh.
The cold storages, he added, had been constructed with 75 percent financial assistance provided by an NGO and the rest by growers. Each of the facilities, has eight metres length and four metres width, with a 13 tonnes storage capacity.
“Potatoes, onions, apples and other agricultural products are being exported to Pakistan where they are sold at much higher prices after being kept in stores for a while,” he added.
Agricultural exports would decrease to Pakistan with the construction of the facilities within the province, the official reiterated, saying the project would benefit local growers.