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Khost helps Waziristan refugees


Waziristan-refugees-1Since Pakistani troops launched a clearing operation in North Waziristan last June, thousands of families have fled their homes; a large number seeking refuge in the neighbouring Khost province, Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s Finance Minister, Muhammad Omer Zakhilwal, and the Minister for Border and Tribal Affairs, Doctor Muhammad Akram Khpalwak recently visited the Gulan Refugee Camp in the Gurbaz district of Khost province, where around 4,000 families have found temporary shelter.
Along with high ranking officials from the UN agencies, the ministers pledged assistance for the refugees. They said that, together with international humanitarian organizations, the Afghan government will provide further assistance to all the refugees in the Gulan Camp.
“We know that these families live in critical condition. Our aim is to fulfil their immediate needs, including food, shelter, clothes, healthcare and clean water,” Zakhilwal said during the visit.Waziristan-refugees-2
The officials were not the only ones who have been helping the refugees. The local people of Khost have been showing unity and brotherhood by assisting the poor families.
Noor Muhammad, a refugee, is thankful for the help provided to him by the people of Khost, the Afghan government and the international humanitarian organizations.
“We left our homes with empty hands and just a single pair of clothes on. I appreciate that the efforts by the officials and the help from the residents of Khost are exceptional. I am grateful for the immediate assistance that we have been receiving so far,” Noor said.