Thu, Oct

Leaders unite against terrorism


Af-Pak.elder-meetingDozens of religious scholars and tribal elders from across the Afghanistan-Pakistan border held a gathering to strongly condemn terrorist activities. Participants expressed their strong belief that all terrorist activities violate Islamic principles. They pledged to fight against violence and terrorism.

Participants also comprised high ranking Afghan officials, including the Khost governor, Abdul Jabar Naimi, the head of Ulema Shura, Mawlawi Shah Muhammad, the head of the Provincial Peace Committee, Mawlawi Hanif Shah, and religious scholar Mawlawi Nasrullah Qasimi. They were joined by religious scholars from the neighbouring Waziristan, including Mawlawi Mujibur Rahman, tribal elder Umar Khan, Haji Janan and many others.

Religious scholars addressed the regional assembly and condemned those who kill innocents, conduct suicide attacks and harass Muslims. According to the speakers, terrorist activities are unlawful and un-Islamic, and the religious scholars and tribal elders should raise their voices against inhuman acts.

“The people on both sides of the border are of one language, one culture and one religion, therefore, their pain is one and they should stand up together as one against the terrorism imposed upon them,” Mawlawi Shah Muhammad said. “Our land, our religion and our people had been protected by our forefathers. We should stand up against these cruel and terroristic activities and shouldn’t allow anybody to perpetrate these horrendous acts in our area.”

He thanked the religious scholars and tribal elders from Waziristan for attending the meeting, which was aimed at building unity among the people in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Mawlawi Mujibur Rahman, who came from Waziristan, shared the important message of brotherhood, peace and common Islamic values between residents of both regions.

“We are brothers and brothers take care of each other. We cannot be separated from one another. When someone commits violence against one, it is against all. In the past, mistakes have been made but we must move forward. If we are divided, then others will exploit us for their own benefit. Unity must carry us into the future,” said Mawlawi Rahman.

The religious scholars and tribal elders insisted that such valuable gatherings would continue into the future so residents of these regions can enjoy unity, peace, stability and development. However, first they would have to fight terrorism on both sides of the border together.