Thu, Oct

Khost, Paktika pin high hopes on new govt


Paktika-and-khost-peopleResidents of southeastern Khost and Paktika provinces on Wednesday urged the unity government to concentrate on bringing peace and eliminating corruption.

In Paktika, a large number of officials, including the governor, tribal elders and local residents attended a gathering in Sharan. Speaking on the occasion, Governor Attaullah Fazli said the unity government was in the interest of Afghans.

He said they were hopeful the president-elect, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, and the chief executive officer, Abdullah Abdullah, would honour their campaign pledges and put the country on the road to prosperity.

Paktika council chief Mobin Faqirzada said the formation of the unity government was good, keeping in view the country’s prevailing situation. “The new government should first establish peace and eliminate corruption.”

The Afghan Mutahid Millat party chief in Paktika, Abdul Ghani Paktin, told Pajhwok Afghan News that Afghans had great expectations from the new government.

He urged the government to change provincial leadership and appoint competent individuals to provide the people with much-needed relief and elemental civic amenities.

Meanwhile, Khost residents also called on the incoming government to work for peace and stability in Afghanistan. They called for a meaningful reconciliation drive.

A resident of Khost City, Amin Hasas, said what Afghanistan needed most was peace and emergence from economic problems. The war-tattered economy must be rebuilt on a priority basis, he stressed.

He said the new administration should create jobs for the people besides working consistently to promote reconstruction, healthcare and education sectors.

Amanullah, another resident, suggested the new government should appoint sincere and talented individuals to government posts. Doing so was essential to promote merit, he concluded.