Sat, Oct

Training for female teachers in Ghazni


SCASCA has launched a two week training for female teachers of science in Ghazni. 39 female teachers teaching Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects in different schools are attending the training.

The aim behind the training is to resolve difficulties in teaching according to the new syllabus, and to build the capacities of teachers in teaching methodology.
The training, which is attended by 20 teachers of mathematics and physics, and 19 teachers of chemistry and biology, will be concluded on the 28th of October.
SCA school consultants Mr. Qubad, Turab Khan, Rahmatullah and Mohammad Qaseem are training the teachers.
Meanwhile, a week-long training has been launched for community based education (CBE) school teachers. 22 teachers from different community based schools are attending the training. SCA school consultants Mr. Gulab Khan, Moeen Ahmad and Abdul Rahim are training the teachers in order to build their capacity in classroom and school management and teaching.