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ANP's war on drug


Narcotics-1Together with health officials, Kandahar police fight against drugs around the province. Last year, the police dealt with nearly 370 narcotics- related cases, and almost the same number of drug traffickers and dealers were arrested.

The police also seized 70 tons of different types of narcotics during various operations against the anti-social elements in the province.
When dealing with drug cases, police also come across the drug users. Police refer these drug addicts to the centres that specialise in treating drug addiction.
Mohammad Ismail Ghosi is the detection and intelligence officer in the Counternarcotic Directorate of the Kandahar police. He told Sada-e Azadi magazine that several police teams have been assigned to deal with the menace that illegal drugs pose to society.
“We have several police teams working in the field. They try to catch drug dealers and sellers, and send them to jail. But we also want to make sure that besides breaking the supply chain, we suppress the demand too. This is why we need to work with drug users; and we send them to drug treatment centres for three to four months,” Ghosi said.
Preventing drug dealers from doing their harmful and illegal business means that youth and other vulnerable group of society are protected against drug addiction. This automatically has a positive ripple effect on the community because usually the drug addicts are involved in petty crimes. And if the vulnerable people are stopped from falling prey to addiction, naturally the crime rate drops.Narcotics-2
On the other hand, insurgents are deprived of the fund that they receive from the drug traffickers as protection money. This is the money that insurgents use to carry out their dirty activities, targeting innocent Afghans.
Thanks to the intensive work by the ANP, the officials believe that Kandahar is soon to be cleared of drugs, and the streets are secure. The ANP is determined to root out the narcotics menace from Afghanistan by arresting drug traffickers and breaking their network.
“This year we have had around 70 drug cases. Kandahar is almost cleared of drugs, but new dealers are always attracted to this illegal and evil but lucrative business. So our work continues,” Ghosi said.