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Kandahar Airport offer better services


kandahar-airport-1The Kandahar International Airport (KIA) is one of the most important airports in Afghanistan. Therefore, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is always keen on improving facilities for the people who use it.

With financial support from International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), major renovations of international standards have recently been carried out at the airport.
The renewals included several projects, such as building a new runway and new terminal, and refurbishing old waiting lounges, investing in new security equipment and constructing a new park for the passengers.
Khalid Ahmad, who frequently uses KIA for his domestic and international travel, told Sada-e Azadi that he has recently seen many good changes at the airport.
“I can see a lot of improvements in the processes, such as security checks. It also looks really beautiful, fresh and relaxing. I am sure that all the passengers appreciate the effort that the government is doing, and the support from international partners,” Khalid said.kandahar-airport-2The number of the employees at the airport has also been increased from two hundred up to six hundred to speed up the check-in and check-out process for passengers.
“Starting from last year, with ISAF assistance, we have invested around 80 million euros for the new facilities and standardization of the Kandahar International Airport. There is always room for improvement but the most critical parts have already been completed and are up and running,” Ahmadullah Faizi, manager KIA said.
“Besides domestic flights, we manage nearly four hundred international flights every month, mainly from India, Iran and Dubai. But we have capacity for more flights, and after finishing all the construction work, our efficiency will increase,” Faizi added.
He thanked the international community for the financial support, and said that the renovation will help maintain the quality of facilities and services at the airport.