Tue, Oct

Security cooperation


ansf-operation-1Brave ANSF soldiers accomplished a joint operation in Panjwai and Maiwand districts in Kandahar province, where 38 insurgents were killed and 5 arrested. In addition ANSF confiscated illegal weapons from these militant groups. For these operations the support of the local people was vital.

“We are always there to help the local people and I’m happy to see how the local people are helping our soldiers. ANSF will never give up on this valuable work of peace and I trust that local people have the will to continue to support our forces,” ANA spokesperson Mr. Sadiqqi said.
ANSF representatives urged people to resist the militants by not giving them shelter or any other help. Officials also want to remind the local villagers that Security Forces will do their job to resist insurgent activity. However, it is everyone’s responsibility to report suspicious activities and provide all the information which could help to weaken the illegal militants.
Today the people in Panjwai, Maiwand and Zhari districts celebrate the effective operations which have calmed the rural areas. These successes will encourage people to be even more committed to the peace and to assist the ANSF.