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Security Provides Education Opportunity


security-provide-education-1The improving security throughout Afghanistan over the past years has enabled young people to go to schools, to learn, and to open their mind to new things. Along with raised awareness, young people have gained more confidence in setting goals and working to reach them. By participating in work life and social activities, Afghan youths have significantly promoted the improvements of the country.

Youth of southern Helmand province follow the trend of active, progressive and positive development. With the vast education opportunities, vocational trainings and good prospects of work life, the young generation has become a vital part of political, social and economic life. Tod

ay many youngsters work in governmental and non-governmental offices, sign up to become ANSF officers to improve security, own their own business, or reach for higher education. During his career, Helmand Labor and Social Affairs official Muhammad Nawzadwal has seen the improvements among the youth:

“In past, young people didn’t have many job opportunities and they lost their motivation for life. Many became drug addicts and some didn’t have any other choice than to join the ranks of the insurgents. This meant more violence and crime.”

“I’m happy to see today’s youth fostering their health and life. They also take care of their families and care about their local communities. They are interested in what is happening in national and international level. They know that the government is working for their prosperity and that they have potential and possibilities to fulfill their dreams,” Nawzadwal describes.security-provide-education-2

Helmand security officials have recently expressed the optimism around the province and they want to thank also the young people for it. Corruption and illegal militancy have diminished due to the professional troops and cooperation with the residents, including youth. One of the reasons for better security is also the fact that younger generation shares the information through the web and mobile services. This increases awareness about insurgency acts and criticism against the insurgent activities.

Shukrullah Shakeri is a civil society activist in Helmand. He has been supporting and working for the youth affairs in the province. He thanks the provincial administration for paying more heed to the youth affairs in this province.

“Along with their extended knowledge, today’s youths have positive perceptions of governmental activities. Young people are interested in making a difference in society, especially on maintaining security. Peace is one of the key factors of overall development and young people are ready to support the security forces,” Shakeri observes.