Tue, Oct

Construction work on 2 dams starts in Khost


bridge-dahla-damConstruction work on two small irrigation dams was launched on Wednesday in southeastern Khost province.

The World Bank-funded dams are being constructed east of Khost City on a natural steam crossing through the Farm Bagh area.

Acting governor Abdul Jabbar Naeemi, who laid the foundation stone, said the dams were being built at a cost of 30 million aghhanis.

The projects also included the construction of two water channels, he said, adding the dams would be completed over the next few months.

“The steam water flows but people cannot benefit from it. The dams would hold back water and enable people to irrigate their fields,” he said, hoping the projects would boost agriculture production.

A resident of the area, Haji Amirullah, told Pajhwok Afghan News the water did not reach all the fields due to the absence of concrete dams.

“With the dams’ completion, we will have enough water to irrigate our fields and this will increase our agriculture production by several-fold.”

Also this week, construction work on six dams was launched on the Matoon Stream near the provincial capital. The dams are estimated to cost 62 million afs provided by the World Bank.