Sun, Oct

Hundreds of rebels eliminated in Helmand offensive: MoI


anp-pickupsAt least 400 insurgents have been killed in the ongoing offensive in southern Helmand province, the spokesman of Ministry of Interior (MoI) said on Sunday.

Sadique Siddiqui told reporters in Kabul that the military operation codenamed “Zulifqar” was one of the most successful anti-insurgents offensives ever launched by the Afghan security forces.

Thirty-six were the most wanted commanders and the slain militants, he said, adding that huge arms and ammunition caches have been recovered during the operation.

In addition, at least 283 landmines were defused and most of the areas, including 14 villages in Sangin district, were completely purged of rebels, he added.

One civilian, he acknowledged was died in the offensive despite measures adopted by the security forces to avoid civilian casualties.

Siddiqui said that the 14 policemen detained in connection with attack on Logar police headquarters were introduced to attorney office for investigation.