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Female ALP Commander Helps ANA In Helmand Operation


female-alp-commanderThe Sistani village in Marja district of southern Helmand has been cleared of militants with the help of a female Afghan Local Police (ALP) commander as part of "Zulfiqar" operation which is successfully underway, officials said.

The Helmand Police Chief Nabi Jan Mullahkhail told TOLOnews that at least 50 insurgents had been killed and wounded in the operation in Sistani village which was launched four days ago after the Taliban insurgents attacked police shells.

After fighting the whole night the with Taliban insurgents, the female ALP commander Feroza was then helped by the security forces to push back the attackers from the area, Mullahkhail said.

"Taliban attacked the security posts and seized them but I stood there and kept fighting with them," Feroza said.

She added that her 13 family members were also serving in ALP and would not quit battling as long as the Taliban existed in their area.

Mullahkhail confirmed that the control of whole village was retaken from the Taliban after three days of fierce battle, leaving 26 Taliban insurgents dead including four commanders.

"The bodies of four Taliban commanders are lying on the ground along with their weapons," Mullahkhail said, adding 24 insurgents were injured in the fighting.

The police forces who took part in the operation after fighting in Sangin district said they were helped by the Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers after being surrounded for three days.

"We resisted and finally suppressed them," a police soldier said.

The Zulfiqar operation was launched three weeks ago in Sangin and other northern parts of Helmand which was then expanded to the southern parts, clearing several villages from militants.

Sangin is one of the most insecure districts of Helmand which is also a major route for narcotics and drug trade, providing funding for insurgency.