Sat, Oct

Elders and Mullahs strongly support ANSDF


kandahar-ulema-supports-andsfThe Islamic Scholars of Kandahar demonstrated strong support for the ANSDF and condemned suicide attacks targeting innocent people in the cities and districts of Afghanistan. In a recent gathering, the scholars unanimously asserted that insurgent tactics are Haram and called for those illegally fighting the government to put down their weapons.

Director of the Islamic Scholars’ Association, Mulawi Obidullah Fizani said, “Supporting ANSDF is the responsibility of all Afghans because security brings peace, and Allah praises the life of peace. We should all stand against those enemies who seek to destroy our peace. We want peace not only in Afghanistan but the entire world.”
Mulawi Sardar Mohammad Zahidi explained each Muslim has a role to play in promoting security and Islamic values in our country. “Each day our ANSDF promotes peace. Our government works to provide services for us. Our people work for their families. Together, we are all Muslims working for Afghanistan, so we need to stand together against all those things that cultivate serious problems in our country. The Taliban needs to recognize their fellow Muslim Afghans are working to improve Afghanistan and join the peace process.”
Another member of the Islamic Scholars’ Association, Mulawi Abdullah, delivered a powerful message to his fellow mullahs and scholars. He explained that it was their responsibility to guide the society by showing people the right way to live. “I am sure that every Mullah knows suicide attacks are Haram in Islam. We are all aware that killing innocents is Haram in Islam. However, the insurgents are still killing them and violating the principles of Islam. Now it is our responsibility to stand against the insurgents. We should support our brave ANSDF, each of whom is a true Muslim, sacrificing themselves for the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as well as peace and security for all Afghans.”
In consensus, the mullahs and Islamic Scholars of Kandahar asked people to support their ANSDF and not support the insurgents who continually violate the tenets of Islam.