Sat, Oct

400 projects to be executed in Khost this year


road-construction-kabulThe governor’s house on Monday said 400 reconstruction projects would be executed in 203 villages of various districts of southeastern Khost province this solar year.

A statement from the governor’s house said the projects had been approved under the National Solidarity Programme (NSP) as a result of untiring efforts by the provincial administration.

Baryalai Rawan, the provincial government’s spokesman, said the projects would be implemented as per local people’s wishes in Sabari, Yaqub, Bak, Tarzai, Alisher, Musakhel, Nadir Shahkot, Gurbaz and Tani districts.

Rawan said the projects had been estimated to cost about 391 million afghanis and the schemes would be implemented in areas of transport, agriculture and local reconstruction.

Without providing further details about the projects, the statement said thousands of people would find jobs on the projects, which would help further increase people’s cooperation with the government.

Rawan said the provincial government had sent proposals for some more new projects to Kabul in compliance with people’s demands. He said they were expecting a positive response from the central government.

The spokesman added the schemes’ implementation would silence those criticising the government. Sev

enty-three projects worth 75 million afs were completed and put into service in Khost last solar year under the NSP.