Mon, Oct

Inauguration of Fresh Fruit


kandahar-fruit-marketsSouthern Afghanistan’s biggest fresh fruits and produce market recently opened, where the fresh fruits of the southern zone will be exported to other countries. "

The market has nearly 750 stores, cold storage capacity, a school, a mosque, restaurants and a hotel where merchants can conveniently conduct their business.

In the opening ceremony, Provincial Governor Toryali Wesa congratulated all who worked hard to bring this project to fruition. “The economic opportunity for Afghan traders to do business on the world market has significantly increased.”

“This market offers numerous benefits for all the farmers in Kandahar and other southern provinces. We can now let the world enjoy our products. Our local economy will grow,” Mr. Wesa said.

The new market was constructed on 50 jeribs of land with the cost of 15 million dollars in Shorandam area of Kandahar.

Kandahar Mayor, Mohammad Omar, explained this new market meets the needs of the people working in agriculture. “The old fruit market did not have the capacity to provide for the needs of the traders, farmers and merchants. With the new cold storage facilities, we can finally export fresh produce to the world market.”

Afghanistan’s growing economy continues to provide opportunities for the local population while the country is quickly integrating into the regional economy.