Thu, Oct

Helmand Operation success


helmand-operation-updateMore than 215 Taliban insurgents have been killed, and 103 wounded in operation Zolfiqar in Helmand province, Mohammad Jaan Rasoulyar, the Helmand Deputy Governor recently announced.

“There are notorious local commanders of the insurgents among the casualties,” Mr. Rasoulyar said.

He told reporters that the military’s Operation Zolfiqar is one of the most extensive operations against insurgents. “Many villages in Sangin district have been completely purged of rebels and the current operation is proceeding successfully.”

The Deputy Governor said Operation Zolfiqar enjoys wide-ranging support among the local people, who are cooperating with officials to accelerate the clearance operation. “Once the area is clear, the insurgents will not able to threaten the lives of the people.”

Also highlighted by the Deputy Governor was the role of the Afghan Air Force. “Our air force is well integrated into the operation and targets the enemies from the air, thereby preventing insurgents from attacking ground forces.”

ANDSF is beginning to decimate insurgent leadership as part of Operation Zolfiqar. In Khanashin district, five Taliban commanders were arrested by police forces, according to ANP Colonel Padshah Gul Bakhtiar.

Colonel Bakhtiar said three of the insurgent leaders, Bour Jaan known as Aminullah, Movlawe Abdul Khaliq known as Zahedi, and Ataullah known as Maghfor, were some of the most famous insurgent commanders arrested. Additionally, insurgent leadership is also perishing on the battlefield, including Haji Faizullah, Shabir, and Commander Tahir Baloch, who was a known insurgent leader responsible for terrorism in Marjah, Nawa and Nad Ali districts.

Colonel Bakhtiar praised all members of the ANDSF participating in this highly coordinated operation in clearing up insurgents from the province.